Wednesday, June 15:

Packing…my biggest struggle.  I tend to be an overpacker…yes, I’m the girl who packs at least double the amount of shirts, pants, and shoes necessary, but to me it’s always worth it.  Of course, i’d rather be overprepared than underprepared, but I do realize that I may have to cut down a bit.

Thursday, June 16:

I have finally made progress!   I have organized my clothes into categories: shirts, shorts, dresses, jackets, pajamas, etc.  So, even though I definitely brought more than I need, everything is in order and should fit perfectly in my suitcase.

Friday, June 17:

It was definitely a struggle, but somehow I fit everything in my bag and I am ready to go!  I jam-packed a LOT of clothes in one suitcase for two weeks, but I will make it work.  Now I am officially ready to begin this journey to España!

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