¡San Sebastián!

Monday, June 20

After a long drive from Madrid to Segovia to the Basque Country, we made it to San Sebastián!

Segovia was beautiful. We wandered around the streets and viewed amazing old architecture, plazas, and a castle. After eating lunch in Segovia (we found a cute pizzeria), we headed to the bus for a 3 hour ride to San Sebastián. 

Once we were a few minutes from the city, many of us were anxiously waiting to finally meet our homestay!  I wasn’t sure what to expect!  We finally arrived and when our names were called, we were welcomed by our host mom Josune and her youngest daughter (10 years old), Nora. We walked to her apartment which is right near the beach and the center of town. After talking to the family for a bit, we ate dinner. Josune made a “tortilla”, which is made of egg and potato and salad. I am a very picky eater so even this was pretty adventurous for me!
Today we went to our language school and broke off into small groups for classes and our placement exam. After class we ate lunch, went to the beach by our apartment, went on a walking tour through the city, and after dinner, went back to the beach for sunset. It has been an eventful day!
What I can say, after being here for one day so far, is that San Sebastián is beautiful!  I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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