One Week=complete

Sunday, June 26:

This week has been amazing–we have packed so much into such a short amount of time. From hiking, to swimming at multiple beaches, to getting gelato (every day), to eating lots of pintxos, there is so much to do and see here.

At first, understanding my homestay was a struggle, but I am beginning to improve in my communication!  Every night, we have dinner and talk about our daily lives at home and here.

Yesterday, we travelled to Biarritz, France, a city also situated on the water (about a one hour drive) and basically received a few hours to just explore the city. We got lunch at a cute restaurant outside, then looked at some shops.  We also explored the beach area. Biarritz was actually pretty similar to San Sebastián except for the fact that I could not speak one word of French. We mostly spoke a mix of Spanish and English, not knowing what people speak, and forgetting what to speak. It makes me thankful for my communication skills in San Sebastián

Here’s to another great week here!


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