I’m gonna miss…

Thursday, June 30

As this trip comes to an end, (sadly!!) I have been reflecting on what I’m going to miss most…and it’s a pretty predictable answer: the beach. While I would assume that most people would say the same (let’s be honest…we are in a beach town for two weeks), I have never seen such pristine beaches with such amazing sunsets.

This week, we took a relatively short bus ride to Zumaia, a small town with beautiful beaches and natural caves. I was amazed by the scenery…so I of course chose to spend my time relaxing and exploring the caves and rocks on the beach.

I’m also going to miss the accessibility of these beaches. I am lucky enough to live a short 5 minute walking distance from Zurriola beach, as well as a 15 minute walk from La Concha, another beach. Being so close to these beaches, but still living in a city environment makes me definitely want something like this later in life. I am so grateful for these two weeks full of my favorite place!

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