Gelato FAQ’s by Erin

If you ever find the time to visit San Sebastián (which, of course, you should!), I would recommend spending a lot of time at the beach, touring through the city to view the amazing architecture, and taking some hikes for astonishing views.  But, if you ever crave something sweet, gelato is hands-down my #1 suggestion.

Here are some “FAQs” so that you really know that facts about gelato in San Sebastián before you visit:

(Disclaimer: answers are from my personal experience!)

Is the gelato in San Sebastián really that good?

Is that even a question?!  Absolutely… yes.  There are tons of flavors, the cones are amazing, and if you don’t get your gelato in a cone, you will most likely receive a cookie-straw in your cup.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

Where can I find the nearest gelato place?

They are EVERYWHERE.  Some streets have multiple gelato places in one condensed area.  I guarantee you will stumble upon some gelato on your walk to just about anywhere in the city.  And if you don’t, the beach is a perfect central area that has gelato places near it.IMG_4399

Is it possible to get artsy pictures of my gelato when I am in San Sebastián?

It is completely possible, and it has been done!  TIP: buy your gelato during sunset.


Do you have any flavor recommendations?

Chocolate is my personal favorite.  It is both rich and creamy!


Is gelato addicting in San Sebastián?

Yes!  Once you have it once, it is pretty likely that you will be craving it every day.  Luckily, being in a city and having to walk everywhere gives some extra incentive to reward yourself with some gelato 🙂

Thank you San Sebastián for providing me with some amazing dessert!


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